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Put all out your best to reach your goal

Put all out your best to reach your goal

Interest “me” Part 2

Additional information about ‘Increasing Situational Interest in The Classroom’ context

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Interest “me” Part 1

Melanie’s Journey in Learning


                        My name is Melanie; I am a student in Sampoerna Senior High School. Now, I am in 11th grade in social science major. I am very interested in History course; I am good at remembering something that happened in the past. In addition, I am interested in remembering a history especially something that happened hundreds years ago. I like remembering name, place, things and action that happened at that time. In my opinion, History is the most interesting course in the school.


I am interested for something, which relates to the name “history” because in my opinion every single course can be more interesting if it can be combined with “history” itself. I want to share what I have got in my school. I have a mathematics teacher, her name is Ms. Adinda and she has very creative way to deliver her material in mathematics course through combined with some topics that contains to the real life, like: power, danger, romance, etc. and one of the topic that she brings to the class to teach material in mathematic course is “history”. Read the rest of this entry

Believe in “me”

This live is kind of unfair, you have tried your best but it gives you nothing. Meanwhile when you look at your friend they easily get what they want. Although you have sweat of blood and tears to reach your dream it still doesn’t work.

Do you remember when everything on you were knock down, such as you got C, D or even E for your paper. You got broken heart because he or she look for the other, your pocket getting lighter, people talk about you, saying the bad side of you. More than that when you thought you can’t reach your dream and people said so.

When looking at yourself you only found; there is no potential in me, nothing interesting nor special in me, I’m not that smart and good looking, thought my parents are don’t care. Hoping I’m not exist in this world, perhaps I could reborn as somebody else or at least there is a miracle happen to me. Day by day having the same thing and you pretend to be ok, your lips are smiling but you are not really smile, sad and sadder that’s what you feel.

You got a lot of tears and this is the time to sweep your tears. Many people said live is like rollercoaster keeping goes up and down, moreover sometimes it feels never goes up. Is that what you thinking about? Yes that’s not as simple as that.

Now look at yourself, you have work well. Let’s say thank to yourself even a little, try to appreciate yourself so you can feel better. When you keep trying, you put your effort for something that you really want, means you belief that you will get what you want. Try to remember, is there anything that you really want, that you dream of?, and you still hoping that someday you will get that one?. Here you have belief on yourself. Read the rest of this entry

Because need is on “me”

The influence of need on motivation to learn: The implementation in classroom


This article is inspired by Maslow Hierarchy about human need and Santrok’s (2010) book about

Motivation theory. In this article I will tell about three theories of need, the first is Maslow’s hierarchy of

needs, the second is need for self-determination, and the last is need to preserve self-worth.


Maslow Hierarchy

As we can see that on the picture below, Maslow state physical need, safety, belonging, self-esteem and

self-actualization. Santrock (2009) grouped needs into two categorize, the first is deficiency and the

second is growth needs which needs that could not be fulfilled if deficiency needs are not fulfilled.

Here are some activities/attitude that can be guidance for teacher to promote Maslow Hierarchy need in the class for the sake of increasing students’ learning motivation. Read the rest of this entry


Knowing, Setting, and Realizing Your Goal

Influence of Goal toMotivation in Learning


             Have you ever think about what is your goal in study? If you have, try to formulate it and think about it. If it is needed you may write it on a piece of paper and keep it, later it will be used for t. In the process of learning sometimes we feel bored or frustrated, however there is something that can always remind us to keep learning which is our motivation. Motivation in learning are influenced by many factors one of them is the goal. In this article I will try to share some explanations on how the influence of goal to motivation in learning.


Types of Goal Orientation Goal orientation in learning process is something that drives people to learn. According to Eggen and Kauchack (2010) there are several types of goal orientation that influence the motivation to learn. Much of the researches that have been done focused on two major types of goal orientation which are performance-goalorientation and mastery-goal orientation. However, there are also some others goals of orientation which are social goals and work-avoidance goal. Here are the explanation on each of goal orientation and the implication on achievement and motivation to learn; Read the rest of this entry