Interest “me” Part 1

Melanie’s Journey in Learning


                        My name is Melanie; I am a student in Sampoerna Senior High School. Now, I am in 11th grade in social science major. I am very interested in History course; I am good at remembering something that happened in the past. In addition, I am interested in remembering a history especially something that happened hundreds years ago. I like remembering name, place, things and action that happened at that time. In my opinion, History is the most interesting course in the school.


I am interested for something, which relates to the name “history” because in my opinion every single course can be more interesting if it can be combined with “history” itself. I want to share what I have got in my school. I have a mathematics teacher, her name is Ms. Adinda and she has very creative way to deliver her material in mathematics course through combined with some topics that contains to the real life, like: power, danger, romance, etc. and one of the topic that she brings to the class to teach material in mathematic course is “history”.
I like the way Ms. Adinda teaches my friends and I about mathematics, although I do not like mathematics so much, because of my previous teachers just teach mathematics with bring number, number, and number. They do not even give explanation about the usage of mathematics itself in real-life. it makes me bored and mathematics course seems so boring for me. However, the way Ms. Adinda teaches us mathematics is different; she brings us some topics that relate to the real life, and she always bring many media and realia in teaching us, such as video, song, pictures, etc. After she teaches us the concept of mathematics, she always tells us how the concept is used in real-life. Therefore, it can make me happy and interested because I do not learn only the concept of mathematics but learn how to use the concept in real life.
Ms. Adinda teaches me mathematics successfully, because in my opinion she have created the situation that increase my interest in learning mathematic course with bringing some topics that relate to the real life, bring the realia, and give the explanation about how to apply the concept in mathematics to the real life. Although I am not much interested in mathematics, because of my previous experiences, now I feel different because of Ms. Adinda has changed the situation of learning mathematics and it increases my interest of it.

=== Thank you Ms. Adinda  ===


About 4innika

I'm a student of English Department Sampoerna School of Education. I love listening music, drawing cartoon, designing,and reading comics. I like eating peanut crackers and I love guava. Happy to share what I thought to you all :)

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