Because need is on “me”

The influence of need on motivation to learn: The implementation in classroom


This article is inspired by Maslow Hierarchy about human need and Santrok’s (2010) book about

Motivation theory. In this article I will tell about three theories of need, the first is Maslow’s hierarchy of

needs, the second is need for self-determination, and the last is need to preserve self-worth.


Maslow Hierarchy

As we can see that on the picture below, Maslow state physical need, safety, belonging, self-esteem and

self-actualization. Santrock (2009) grouped needs into two categorize, the first is deficiency and the

second is growth needs which needs that could not be fulfilled if deficiency needs are not fulfilled.

Here are some activities/attitude that can be guidance for teacher to promote Maslow Hierarchy need in the class for the sake of increasing students’ learning motivation.

a. Treat students fairly

When teacher threat students fairly it will affect to students safety and free to learn without worrying to

be ignored by teacher.

b. Make group activities

Group activities encourage students to maintain their relationship with their friends. However teacher

should make sure that students know how to work collaboratively.

Self Determination

If you see on Cambridre Dictionary, Self-determination is the ability or power to make decision for yourself. The classroom activities that should promote self- determination should the activities that promote how students can make decision for themselves. For example, in a simple way when teacher explain the instruction for the class, teacher should convey it clearly. So students know what they will do in the class. Another activity that can promote students self-determination in assessment, teacher should avoid in comparing students in communicating assessment result.



Some learners have self-handicapping behavior, such as procrastinating, blaming other, or tell the other
that they do not study to protect other perception about themselves who has high ability without learning.
People have self-handicapping behavior in order to manage other perception and keep their good image.
For example someone has a task and in fact the task is hard then he fails, he blames the obstacle or
someone else to keep his good image. What do you think about this behavior? Is it good or not? Can you
imagine your students are self-handicapping?
For me self-handicapping students are hard to learn because they keep blaming others and hard to accept
their mistakes. It’s simple, support!



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I'm a student of English Department Sampoerna School of Education. I love listening music, drawing cartoon, designing,and reading comics. I like eating peanut crackers and I love guava. Happy to share what I thought to you all :)

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