welcomeThe main concept of the blog is “ a journey to reach the top”

It is described by a person who climbs a mountain and during the climbing he gets many troubles. However there are factors which always make him to keep moving. Those factors are (topics that will be described or posted in the blog such as; interest, goal, belief, personalization and so forth). Those factors are has a strong relation with the motivation and it can not be separated, in case it is becomes our big title for this blog “motivation as a rising shining sun”. Whereas motivation is always belongs to us it is around us, just like the sun which never leave the earth. The philosophy of “a rising shining sun” is like how the motivation works and gives a positive impact to our life, just like how the sun is rising and brightly gives its shine to break up the dark of the night then welcoming the new day.

Note: The posts are not literary about a person who clim a mountain but it is more as a methaphore on how the motivation comes like climbing a mountain.


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